danielleDanielle Pruitt is an Austin-based entrepreneur, whose influence has impacted major world players such as Whole Foods, REI, and Starbucks. Skilled in retail merchandising & design and an avid world traveler, Pruitt is a visionary business woman who implements universal communication through fixtures, words, and traditional mediums.

In a demographic aching for innovative ideas, Pruitt has enriched the corporate culture with her business savvy by building Chalk Ink, founded in 2005. This company has developed a revolutionary method of corporate communication through the traditional medium of chalk. By skillfully using the formula of the ink pen and chalkboard writing tool, Pruitt has built a company that stands alone in the world of fluid corporate expression.

Danielle Pruitt’s background in the retail merchandising industry and groundbreaking chalk-based distribution are the perfect combination of creative vision, traditionalism and intellect. In addition to retail consultation, Pruitt’s next undertaking is Yoga City – a newcomer to the Yoga culture, in dire need of a new yet grounding sense of aesthetic.