Image of the product 6mm Brewed Awakenings 8 Pack

6mm Brewed Awakenings 8 Pack

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6mm Brides White 2 Pack

6mm Bling Bling Cha Ching 8 Pack

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8 Pack includes Electric Blue, White, Solid Gold Dancer, Beetle Bug Green, Sheet Metal, Bridesmaid's Dress Pink, Purple Frosted Eye Shadow, and Doorknob.

6mm chisel tip is great for lettering and creating clean, crisp lines.

Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Markers write like a paint pen but dry to look just like chalk without the dusty mess traditional chalk leaves behind. Quick drying and smear-proof once dry; you can easily layer with other colored chalk markers to create whatever designs you can imagine. Safe for use on a variety of non-porous surfaces, including chalkboards, Chalk Ink® chalkboard paint, glass, mirrors, windows, metal, and plastic. To clean, simply wipe away with a cloth and water.
*WARNING: Metallics have a stronger pigment and can sometimes take longer to remove. Please test area first.